T10 Ghar El Melh

A small fishing port prone to silting lies 3M WSW of Cap Farina. Very friendly with plenty of room for yachts.



Bizerte 24M Sidi Bou Said 19M Charts

Admiralty 2122 French 4314, 4250 4191, 4198

Lights Approach

1. lie Plane 37°10'.8N 10°19'.7E FI(2)WR.10s20m15/11M 067°-R-107°-W-067° White square tower, red stripes.


2. Eastern breakwater FI.G.2s5m3M

3. Western breakwater F.R.5m3M


VHF Ch 16.

The port

Ghar El Melh is a small fishing port situated 3M WSW of Cap Farina N of the delta formed by Oued Medjerda. The port is surrounded by miles of deserted beaches and it is a tranquil place. Today it is only used by fishermen who work in rowing boats in the Lake of Porto Farina. The lake has a shallow entrance to the sea. In summer 2004, the port entrance had been recently dredged to 8m in the entrance and 4m in the channel, enabling yachts to moor inside.

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