lies SW of the port. The port lights are visible at around 3M.

Night entry is not recommended if this is your first visit. The harbour lights arc not entirely reliable and once inside there is little room to manoeuvre.

Entry caution

The entrance to the marina silts up and is not dredged every year, in summer 2004 the sandbank, visible at times and with waves breaking over it, extended some 70m SW of the S mole. Minimum depths in the channel between the bank and the beach are around 3.0m. The channel is unmarked until almost inside the entrance, where some unlit orange buoys are located.

To clear the sandbanks entry is advised as follows. Head N towards Hotel Amicar (Large complex SW of the port) until you can see along the inside wall of the SE mole. Turn on to a bearing of approx 068'" towards the marina keeping the length of the inner mole as a transit. Several large vessels and a gunboat are usually moored alongside the wall to assist in identifying this transit. This takes you on a course almost parallel and close to the beach. Keep close to the N breakwater head as you enter as there is a shoal of depth 2.5m in the entrance opposite the fuel berth. Entry in NE to S winds of force 5 or more is difficult due to breakers on the sandbanks around the SE pierhead and with higher winds, entry is not recommended. Under these rare conditions it is better to go to La Goulcttc. (Currently not useable - Summer 2004 - see under that port.)


There arc 380 berths, mostly occupied by local motorboats. Tie up alongside the end of the central quay if drawing 1.5m or less. Beware of two underwater obstructions with minimum depth of 1.8m along this quay, as marked on the plan and the other, closer to the W end of the same jetty. Both are the result of poor construction. Alternatively, you may be directed to a finger pier berth or bows/stcrn-to on the main NE wall. The authorities turn up automatically and a yacht may stay here for a short visit, or the port captain will allocate a longer stay berth. The harbour gets very crowded in summer so be prepared for some very tight manoeuvring sometimes in strong cross-winds. The S mole is reserved for patrol boats from the Garde National, though often room is available for larger yachts further NE along the wall where lines are tailed to the quay. In strong winds from the SE, common in the spring, a considerable swell enters the port but overall, shelter is good, it is very much calmcr the deeper into the marina vou can berth.

Sidi Bou Said viewed from the SE

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