Harbours and marinas around Malta

MA1 Grand Harbour

A large and very safe harbour in all conditions with a new marina.


Grand Harbour is the main commercial harbour of the island and one of the best and largest natural harbours in the world. Whereas in the past, few facilities existed for yachtsmen, the new and prestigious Grand Harbour Marina has opened, tucked into the old Naval victualling section of Vittoriosa, just East of Fort St Angelo, 1M SE inside the entrance of Grand Harbour.


Monastir 185M Kelibia 180M Lampedusa 107M Crete 450M.




974, 177


Approach Admiralty 2124, 2537, 2538, 2623

Lights Approaches

Delimara Point (SE end) Fl(2)12s35m18M R lights on chimney 0.7M N

Giordan (NW corner of Gozo) FI.7.5s180m18M Grand Harbour Approach

1. St Elmo 35°54'.2N 14°31'.2E Fl(3)15s49m19M Metal framework tower on Fort St Elmo

2. St Elmo breakwater head Q.G.16m7M White round tower, red band on E side

3. Ricasoli breakwater Q.R.11m6M 120°-obscd-157° Metal structure on white round stone tower, red bands on E side F.R radio mast 0.5M SE


VHFCh 16

0 0

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