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Abdellah, who constructed the spectacular Grand Mosque.

In the 20th century the French constructed an artificial harbour under the patronage of Sultan Abd al-Aziz, which marked the beginning of Casablanca's rapid expansion into a modern commercial capital. The medina, which was formally the Jewish quarter until the establishment of Israel, was extended during this period.

Casablanca is not an important city in terms of historic monuments or ambience, but it is the economic capital of Morocco. The port handles a vast range of traffic from European cruisc liners to phosphates. Its population by the turn of the century had barely reached 20,000. Since then it has risen to be the main port and industrial powerhouse of Morocco, with a population estimated to be around 4 million people.

Sights locally

Casablanca is a huge sprawling city, a mixture of ancient and modern. Leaving the yacht basin via a gate shared with the naval yard takes you to the main road: left into town and right along the Corniche. This leads to the immense and stunning Hassan II Mosque, 'line mosque,

Casablanca Souk: an Aladdin's cave for locals and tourists


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