La Galite

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Tunisia Galite

The anchorage

The large bay on the S side provides good protection in NW winds which are common on this part of the coast. Though the remains of a small harbour lie in the X\Y corner of the bay, occupied by fishing boats or a military vessel, the main breakwater tumbled into the harbour during a storm leaving it foul, with a jetty remaining. The buov that covers the wreck was moved about 50m SW by the same storm and has not been replaced. The masts of the wreck have been cut and are now reportedly 12m under water. Fairly close inshore good holding is found in sand 3-5m deep. With S winds shelter can be found on the N side of the island which is less steep; care should be taken of isolated rocks along the shore.


There arc no facilities for entry to Tunisia on lie de Galite, but yachts calling here on the way from Sardinia to the Tunisian mainland find no difficulties. For stays longer than 24hrs, officially a yacht should have cleared into Tunisia. It is advisable to obtain permission to anchor from the Garde National if possible.


None, other than fish which you may catch yourself or trade with the fishermen.

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