M Ah Dia To Port De La Louata

T35 Salakta

A small shallow fishing port 7M S of Mahdia, on the southern side of Ras Salakta, providing shelter from the NW winds for yachts up to 12m.



Mahdia 7M La Chebba 11M Monastir 50M


Admiralty 3403 French 4315, 4227 Lights Harbour

1. S breakwater Green light believed to be lso.4s

2. W breakwater Red light believed to be Iso. Both on short round metal poles


Harbourmaster ^ 666415 VHF Ch 16, 24

The harbour

A small fishing port situated on the S side of Ras Salakta. Prone to silting, depths in the entrance vary from year to year and can be less than 2m. Depths in 2004 were 3m in the entrance and 2.5m in the port. The harbour is always full of fishing boats and is not used to visiting yachts.

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