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Around Gibraltar, weather usually conforms to the local area forecast, (unlike further E where local forecasting is notoriously difficult). Winds can be expected to be either E (Levante) or W (Ponientc). The E winds bring a large cloud which hangs over the W side of the rock, often for several days, producing high humidity and miserable conditions. On rare occasions as low pressure and associated fronts move N from the Ganaries in winter, strong SW winds bring rain and squally conditions, often closing the airport.

Forecasts: Radio Gibraltar (GBC) and British Forces Radio (BFBS) broadcast local weather forecasts from the RAF Met. Office. GBG includes a sailing forecast for a 5 mile radius from Gibraltar. GBC (91.3, 92.5mHz, 1458kHz. BFBS 1 (93.5, 97.8mHz. 54211) Storm warnings on F3E, on receipt. These are repeated throughout the day at half past the hour until evening. Tarifa Radio broadcasts area weather on Ch 16 at regular intervals in Spanish and English.

Gibraltar: Rounding Europa point. Note mosque behind the light Graham Hutt

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Gibraltar is a standard port and tidal informaron for the marinas is given under 'Gibraltar Por:. The maximum range is around lm. Tide tables can be found on

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