Note on the coastline S of Agadir

Further S, facilities are sparse, but the following are briefly mentioned because of their location as landmarks along hundreds of miles of deserted beaches. Most began as long jetties stretching out from the shore but offering no shelter. 'Inhere are plans to develop some of these into enclosed harbours along the lines of Jorf Lasfar, and some have begun to evolve, but like most plans for improvements to facilities, things move slowly here!

The coastline is mainly desert, with 500M of sand and spectacular dunes. The area is vers7 exposed with no bays or safe anchorages for protection in poor weather. Many wrecks can be seen on the beaches between Agadir and Dakhla.

A light, Cala Nun (Cap Draa) F1(2)25M (28U40'.5N ir07'.5W) lies on the beach five miles S of Cala Nun between Sidi Ifni and Tan 'lan. It does not relate to cither port but is a coastal marker between the two at the the entrance of an unnamed river.

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