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The N coast of Jerba is f ringed with banks of sand and seaweed which extend up to 4M from the shore. Entrance to the port is through a buoyed channel, dredged in 2004 to 4m, 4M long on a course of 184". Stay well in the centre as depths shoal around the buoys. Beware of strong tidal streams which transverse the channel. The N extremity is marked with a single buoy, well visible, but note that it is not in line with the centre of the channel, which is marked by several pairs of buoys. Do not confuse the palm fronds on the drying banks around the channel for buoys. The basin is protected by low breakwaters which are almost flooded at HW.

Landmarks on the N coast arc from W to E:

The flood stream sets W and the ebb stream sets E. Visibility is often reduced to 5-6M during summer.

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