From a distance the point is not easy to see but when closely following the coastline from Tabarka, the low promontory will be identified. Arriving from He dc Galite, Jcbel Sidi Mohammed at 474m is a good landmark. Approaching from the E, avoid the submerged rocks extending up to 300m from the point.

The S side of the Cap Negro promontory provides good protection in winds from NE to S but is dangerous if the wind shifts to N or W. Anchor in sand in depths of 5-8m, about 200m from the small beach. Left-over swell from the W will make the anchorage uncomfortable.

A small fishing port in the middle of nowhere, of little interest to yachts, on the exposed coast between Tabarka and Bizerte.


Tabarka 22M Bizerte 44M


Admiralty 2727 French 4219 Lights


VHF Ch16

0 0

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