By day

The island is surrounded by stark, dark, low cliffs and rocky outcrops. Coming from the W the island looks almost deserted but closer in, the town will be seen on a low hill in a bay between headlands.

By night

Coming from the E, the light on the NE tip of Capo Grccalc with a range in excess of 22M will be seen. The SE tip of the island is not lit. From the W, Capo Ponente light is difficult to spot being far weaker than the higher lights of the Loran station, which will be seen well before the lighthouse. With onshore winds the sea builds up and rims through the entrance of the harbour. Once close in. the harbour lights will be seer, as shown and are reliable.

Pta di Taccio Vecchio í




Capo Grecale FI.5S22M

Cala Calandra

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