From the NE, a long deep water jetty will be seen 2 miles fronv Arzew constructed parallel to the open beach. From Cap Carbon from the N, a fortress will be seen on the hill above the port. Several lit buoys are marked on chart 838.


Berth as directed by the officials.


Port of entry with the usual officials in attendance. Facilities

Water Containers can be filled and a there is a hose in the fish port.

Fuel Diesel in the port.

Provisions Shops a short walk into town.

Post office and bank In the town.

Weather forecast Available from the Harbourmaster's office.

A9 Port d'Arzew El Jadid

A huge new complex for supertankers 2M SE of the old commercial port described above. A Port of Entry but not recommended except in an emergency, when it can be entered in any weather. Location

D'Arzew 2M Charts

Approach Port

Admiralty 837 838


Est approach buoy FI(3)G.10s Est Jetée FI.R.2s

Port de Servitude E breakwater FI(2)R.6s W breakwater FI(2)G.6s West Jetée FI.G.2s Approach buoy W FI.R.4s Communications VHF Ch 16

The port

This is a large new complex built for supertankers 2 miles SE of the old port. No facilities exist for yachts but it may be possible to shelter here in an emergency. Entry possible in any weather.

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