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.he origins of tins hook go back to 199) when linns an Rijn provided, through the RCC Pilotage r >undation, cruising information for the sourh western Mediterranean shore. In 2002 Graham llurr revised rhnt rk and extended it co include the Atlantic coast of M orocco. Until then many sailors bound for the Canary blonds passed well offshore co avoid an unknown coast nc. Now many more yachts visit North Africa, with increasing numbers from North F.urope, and further ricid, joining French and Italian sailors to cruise or to \er-wintcr.

Graham Hutr has extensive knowledge of the area, ..lined through visits in his own yacht and from his microtis contacts in the three North African countries, «:braltar and the two island groups included here. In :.iis hook he provides both tip to date pilotage formation and sufficient description of each country enable the first time visitor to better appreciate the w jirure and customs of* those countries.

C ruising in North Alrica is different to cruising in :" .rope and skippers should be prepared for this, both -nentally and in their boat preparation and navigation, "hev must accept thai changes may happen rapid!); roth politically and in the infrastructure. In particular :ey should he aware that vigorous sea conditions near :he Atlantic coast harbours may significantly affect depths of water available.

They should also he aware of the variety of chart Jjtunis in use by national hydr<»graphic offices, locations and waypoints to WGS8-4 have been .rroduced in this edition as an aid to navigating but .ttention is drawn to the notes on this subject in the "••.troducrion. Wc invite yachtsmen to send us their hscrved WGS84 positions, as well as other updating matters, so that we can gradually extend our knowledge • positions to a common datum. This pilot is by yachtsmen for yachtsmen. The /ilornge Foundation congratulates and thanks Graham Hutt lor his continuing work, and also thanks the achtsmen who have alerted us to changes taking place. We welcome feedback and contributions from those currently sailing these fascinating Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts so that we may continue to .pdatc this book when practicable.

Martin Walker Director

RCC Pilotage Foundation July 2005


The Arab countries of the Maghreb and Middle East have held a fascination for me over the past .57 years, since my first trip along the coast in 1966 from Tanger to Tripoli. I have lived in the Mediterranean for the past 25 years, owning different yachts over that time and sailing with my wife Anne and children: Rutin Sera, Mark, Andrew and Cihada, as well as with many friends. Wc first lived aboard the 65 foot schooner Anccti iiiLvtfir, which took us on several trips along the North African coast, Syria ami Turkey. Then Orion, a small delightful 29 foot Stella, on which we saw the Aegean and again, eastern Turkey. Smoocbcr, a friend s Golden 1 livid ->2 look us to Beirut during the war years when the airport was closed and to the Greek Islands. Finally, the «IS loot sloop SafttuMd* which has experienced just about every port, anchorage and harbour in the Wesrern Mediterranean and beyond, between Malta and the Canaries - many several limes - over the past 16 years.

It is now six years since I completed the revision oi I fans Van Rijns Nor lb Afriai for the 2nd edition. Many changes have since taken place necessitating ibis >rd edition. There has been an incredible increase in the number of yachts visiting the shores of Tunisia and Morocco m the past two years, mostly from Italy and France. Algeria is once again being visited, though not without difficulty.

The addition of the Atlantic coast of Morocco in the last edition resulted in many more yachts visiting the ports along that coast. This is very encouraging, especially since it has been this section o! the book which has needed the most revision, as many changes have taken place recently. New harbours have opened*

Europa Point, Gibraltar Graham Hut:
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