Sidi Daoud

Tuna factory,

Canning factory


Garde i National



4km to Village

37W-1N 10'54-3E

Depths in Metres rhc N cardinal buoy of the S net, and the W cardinal buoy of the N net. This leads into the channel. In any onshore wind there is a confused sea in the shallows. The actual orientation of the channel and number of buoys in placc changes with storms and resultant silting, so charting can only give an indication. In the summer of 2004, there were 4 green buoys marking the channel from the north and two red buoys near the W breakwater. Several earlier reports gave a different number and colour of buoys.

If entry looks confusing, wait for a returning fisherman to guide you in. They are always helpful and friendly here and there is a lot of traffic from the small boats attending the tunny nets.

By night

An approach at night or in unsettled weather is not recommended.


Visiting yachts can usually find room on the S pier in minimum depths of 2m. The bottom is covered with thick seaweed and shoals quickly towards the S breakwater. Alternatively, try the N. quay. The fish quay has depths of 2m.

Warning: In the middle of the port midway between the port entry light and the tuna factory lies a dangerous wreck, barely submerged.


Garde National and customs in the port, which has been upgraded to a port of entry.


Water Water tap near the customs office. Electricity None available. Ice Available

Fuel Available in the port.

Provisions A small epicene at the entrance gate to the tuna factory sells bread and some fresh vegetables. There is a small shop SE of the fish hall. The hamlet of Sidi Daoud is about 4km from the port. El Haouaria, 10km, is the nearest town. Taxi 1TD. Repairs There is a boatyard and slip. Mechanical repairs arc-possible.

Post office The first house down the road to the village. Taxi Comes regularly to the port.

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