Sidi Youssef

Fish traps


Depths in Metres N


A small Garde National post but not a port of entry. Facilities

There arc virtually no facilities other than a little stall in the summer season which caters for the needs of passing ferry passengers. The nearest village where some provisions arc available is Mclita, 5km from the port. Buses are available after the arrival of the ferry six times a day. Taxis arc practically non existent. Water (and \VC) At Cafe du Port.

Provisions Mclita has basic shops, hardware store, cafe and PTT.

T41 Sidi Ferruch pier and anchorage

A quiet anchorage on the NW side of He Chergui, the main island, half mile N of a tourist development.


34°41 '.372N 11°08'.046E (Root of pier/breakwater) Charts

Admiralty 3403, 1162 French 4315, 4235, 4237


MHWS MHWN MLWN MLWS 1.2m 0.8m 0.6m 0.2m

The anchorage

Sidi Ferruch, on the NW coast of Tie Chergui, is the only-part of the Kerkennah Islands with some modest tourist development. A few low-key hotels line the beach, from which a pier extends from Hotel Cerana 550m into deeper water. It is only acccssible to yachts drawing half a metre or less.

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