The Anchorage

A few white buildings around an old port. These were once used by a sailing club and diving centre. The island is now a military and conservation zone and yachts arc not allowed to anchor cxcept in an emergency.

The only place to anchor is on the SW side of the island in a small bay between the light and a rocky protrusion. Protection from N and NW winds is good but anchoring is precarious as deep water extends close up to the beach and the holding is poor. Fishing is prohibited around the island.

T17 Anchorages around Cap Bon

Cap Bon Anchorage

A remote and useful anchorage with good shelter from NE to S winds, in a bay W of a finger on the tip of Cap Bon.


Sidi Bou Said 37M Kelibia 16M


Admiralty 2122 French 4191


Cap Bon FI(3)20s126m30M

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