Weather Forecasts

sometimes a small AAeteo office in the port. These nrc mentioned i" iIk* poir descriptions.

All weather forecasts for Tunisia are in French.

lunis Radio and Sfax Radio provide a good, although not always accurate forecast on SSB and this is probably the best for winds along the Tunisian coast. The National Broadcast Authority has a useful report on Radio Tunis Ch 2 (Chaine International) on medium wave. Also useful for obtaining information on winds out at sea arc the transmissions ol the Italian station Radio Due which arc retransmitted in Tunisia.

For rhc area of Gibraltar, including a 5-mile radius covering Northern Morocco, i;ood forecasts can be obtained from Gibraltar Radio throughout the day on FM92.6MHz and AM 145Ski 1/. Ihcsc stations can only be received if you arc in rhc immediate vicinity of Gibraltar.

Accurate forecasts can be obtained from the local harbour authorities.

Radio fax and teleprinter

Norchwood (RX) broadcasts a full set of UK Met Office charts out io 5 days ahead on 2618.5, 4610, 8040 and 11086.5kHz. (Schedule at 0236, surface analysis ar 3-hourly intervals from 0300 to 2100 and 2300.) Deutscher Wcttcrdicnst broadcasts German weather charts on 3855, 7880 and 13882.5kHz. (Schedule at llll, surface analysis at 0430, 1050, 1600, 2200.)

DW1) broadcasts forecasts using KITY on 4583, 7646 and 10001.8kHz (in English at 0415 and 1610), 11039 and 14467.3kHz (in German at 0535). Note that 458.5 and 14467.3k! h may not be useable in the Mediterranean. Ilie most useful services are forecasts up to 5 days ahead ar 12 hourly intervals and up to 2 days ahead at 6-hour intervals. Alternatively, dedicated receiver 'Weatherman will record it automatically: see www. n asa m ari n

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