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NAMOAI BAY (Wanatonoli Bay) Slashed into the eastern end of Sariba Island and protected from the east by Sideia Island, Namoai Bay enjoys total protection from any weather although a slight swell will be experienced close to Sawasawaga Village during strong trade winds.

The best anchorage is in towards a creek in five to ten metres at the head of the bay where swinging room is restricted by the close proximity of the land but holding is excellent in mud.

The two reefs within the bay, Philip and Kai-Rau-Kau-Uai are conspicuous by their light green colour and the latter has an islet sitting on its southern end. This islet and the two villages within the bay are the only areas where sand will be found, otherwise the bay is surrounded by heavy scrub or mangrove denying easy landing.

SAW A SAW AG A This is the name given to the passage between Sariba and Sideia Islands as well as to the village on the former island. The village was the site of an American Catalina Base during World War II and the concrete floor of the mess can still be seen. The villagers appear quite religious.

The passage experiences a strong tidal flow which, when running out against the trade wind, produces some steep and dangerous waves. It should not be attempted during windward-tide conditions.

FORTESCUE STRAIT This passage separates Sideia and Basilaki Island, both mountainous and heavily wooded islands. The passage is deep and clear of hazards although the tide runs through at a rate of about three knots causing

Above: The 'pearl farm anchorage' to the east of Samarai. It lies under the lee of Sariba Island. Below: Children of Sidu-du Village on Sariba Island are fascinated by the author's son Ben.

strong overfalls in the 12 to 18 metre area,'towards the south, when running against a medium to strong south east trade wind.

It is safe to approach between Sideia and Margaret Island or Margaret and Wetoa Island depending on your previous anchorage.

The best anchorage is in good holding mud where shown on the map off Gogolabia Village where there is a small boat building industry. As a matter of interest, the author found this village to be the only unfriendly one in the entire country. The locals were not actively hostile but they showed no reaction at all to overtures of friendship.

HEMOE BAY As shown in both small and large scale on the map, Hemoe Bay is about half way along the north coast of Basilaki Island. The scenery is superb with high mountains and attractive native huts dotted along the foreshore. There is a fresh water creek close to the anchorage that a dinghy can enter at high tide and a small plantation on the western shore of the creek.

The anchorage is very secure and except for a slight swell which wanders in occasionally, it is comfortable. The local natives gladly trade fresh fruit and vegetables when available and will also provide excellent mud crabs.

BASILAKI BAY With three villages situated within this bay, the anchorage is most rewarding in terms of meeting and trading with the locals. At Gigia Village an old fellow makes armbands and belts for those interested in ornaments.

The best anchorage is where shown on the map between the land and a large reef extending out from the beach at Tutulia Village. It is rather deep but secure.

Lillie and friend. Lillie owns a plantation in the Calvados Chain and was once married to an Australian before the Japanese took him away during World War II. She has not seen him since.



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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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