This is a book I have wanted to write ever since my first visit to Papua New Guinea in 1966. Since then I have returned three times, but not until my 1978 visit did I at last have the opportunity of surveying the coast properly so that anchorages and facilities could be described in detail for those who sail in my wake.

Papua New Guinea is a most varied mixture of peoples. The different colours, sizes, habits, cultures, languages and attitudes of the native population keeps experts guessing and seeking and eventually accepting that Papua New Guinea is just different. So different that it cannot be catalogued and compared to other countries. It is at once a tropical wonderland and an urban slum; a simple carefree bare-topped girl swaying her hips along a golden beach and a middle aged woman sitting in the mud breast feeding a pig. It is further back than the Stone Age and way ahead of us all. I think it is the'most fascinating country in the world today and, from the boatman's point of view, it provides some of the finest anchorages, the greatest fishing, the calmest weather and the best cruising to be found anywhere. It is, to vastly understate the truth, worth a visit. I hope this book assists.






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