Kiau Point Anchorage Long Island


LONG ISLAND (Kiau Point Anchorage) Lying about forty miles west of Umboi Island, Long Island represents an easy day's sail for a westbound vessel and a logical first anchorage for an eastbound vessel hailing from Madang. It lies at the top of Vitiaz Strait and is almost inside Astrolabe Bay.

The anchorage provides good holding in black sand with a minimum of disturbance from the swell during the foulest of south east weather. The visitor should be warned that many of the natives of Long Island still practise the Cargo Cult. This remarkable religion which flares up now and again around the country is based on the possibility that by strong belief and a few coins in the collection tray, the local 'priest' might intercept the cargo of luxury possessions which forever seems to be going to Europeans only. They firmly believe that such possessions come from heaven rather than from a factory in a manufacturing country. Therefore, when a vessel drops by it is presumed that the cargo has arrived and there is every possibility of that vessel being stripped. It is not theft, it is a divine right promised by a native priest.

Opposite: Unea Island views. The jetty in Papuan Bay had yet to be connected to the spur wall projecting from the Catholic Mission complex. The crowded canoes were carrying a marriage party from one village to another. The big canoe at the bottom is an indication of the size of trees in the area.

Long Island Papua New Guinea



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