Kerema Bay To Port Moresby Large Chart

Under no circumstances should this book be used alone. It is intended to be used only as a companion to official charts and publications.

Most maps within this book were sketched on the spot by the author and therefore cannot and must not be used for the taking of bearings or for any reference where reliable positioning is required.

In the following anchorage and port descriptions, the word map means the map reproduced in this book while the word chart refers to the official publication, be it from the Australian Hydrographie Department or the British Admiralty.

The following chart list begins with those charts which show the area as a whole; these I call 'super-small-scale'. They are followed by normal small-scale, which are essentially restricted to the country in question, and these are followed by large-scale charts which show just about all the detail the navigator is likely to require. In this list there are many gaps because the charts do not overlap everywhere, but that is the idea of carrying the small-scale charts. They, at least, show it all and fill the gaps.

Following large-scale charts is a list of very-large-scale charts or 'plans'. These show various harbours, anchorages, straits and island groups in as large a scale as you could wish for. Not all — if any — are absolutely necessary, but there can be no denying the comfort of having such reference aboard.

All the above charts, plus any nautical publications you might require, can be purchased from Boat Books

35 Hume Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia.

SUPER-SMALL-SCALE CHARTS As mentioned, these two charts show not only Papua New Guinea but many countries around it. They are unnecessary if the small-scale charts (following) are carried, but most desirable where overlap from one country to another around Papua New Guinea is required.

AUS 4603 Australian North Coast Adjacent Waters

AUS 4604 South Pacific Ocean — Coral Sea and Solomon Sea

SMALL-SCALE CHARTS In view of the fact that not all the large-scale charts of the coast (especially on the north-east coast and adjacent areas) of Papua New Guinea overlap, this list might be considered necessary. It would be wise to consult a chart index to decide which ones may not be required. BA 2766 North-East Coast of New Guinea with Bougainville, New Britain, New Ireland, Admiralty Islands and off-lying reefs BA 209 Port Moresby to Cape Deliverance BA 217 Ward Hunt Strait to St Georges Channel

LARGE-SCALE CHARTS As noted previously, the following list of charts fails to form an overlap in various places. Notably, these places are along the north coast of New Guinea, New Britain and New Ireland. They overlap very well along the south coast and east coast of Papua New Guinea and if the above small-scale charts are carried no complete gaps will appear. AUS 378 Daru Roads to Kerema Bay AUS 379 Kerema Bay to Port Moresby AUS 380 Port Moresby to Orangerie Bay AUS 381 Orangerie Bay to Jomard Entrance AUS 382 Louisiade Archipelago AUS 383 Bonvouloir Islands to Woodlark Island AUS 384 Cape Vogel to Cape Nelson with the D'Entrecasteaux Islands AUS 385 Cape Nelson to Cape Ward Hunt. Cape Ward Hunt to Cape Cretin AUS 575 Huon Gulf, Vitiaz and Dampier Straits, Nesup Channel AUS 389 Kairiru Island to Vanimo Harbour, Vanimo Harbour AUS 576 Admiralty Islands BA 2240 Vitiaz Strait to Isumrud Strait BA 2003 Vitu Islands to Watom Island BA 3553 Gazelle Peninsula and St Georges Channel BA 3420 Bougainville Island BA 3419 Bougainville Strait

PLANS The following extensive — not to mention expensive — list shows all the very-large-scale harbour, anchorage and other plans available. None is necessary if the charts in the previous list are carried, but they can be most useful. AUS 620 Hall Sound and Vari Vari Anchorage AUS 621 Approaches to Port Moresby. Port Moresby AUS 626 Fife Bay

AUS 567 Magula Island to China Strait

AUS 629 Milne Bay (with many anchorages)

AUS 630 Eastern Approaches to Mile Bay and Goschen Strait

AUS 628 Goschen Strait

AUS 683 Plans in the Solomon Island. Kieta Bay and Anewa Bay. Shortland Harbour, Buka Passage, Queen Carola Harbour

AUS 676 Plans in New Britain. Luther Anchorage, Rügen Harbour, Henry

Reid Bay, Jacquinot Bay, Linden Harbour, Gasmata, Fulleborn Harbour,

Mowe Harbour, Arawe Harbour, Pondo Harbour, Iboke Anchorage, Peter

Haven, Tavanatangir Harbour, Borgen Bay and approaches

AUS 680 Approaches to Simpson Harbour (Rabaul)

AUS 547 Lolobau Island to Willaumez Peninsula. Garua Harbour

AUS 651 Approaches to Wewak. Kairiru Strait, Wewak Harbour, Victoria


AUS 662 Seeadler Harbour. Lumbrum Bay, Papitalai Harbour AUS 666 Passages between New Ireland and New Hanover AUS 667 Kavieng Harbour

AUS 573 Mitre Rock to Hosken Islands. Morobe Harbour, Mambare Bay AUS 572 Buna to Mambare Bay. Approaches to Cape Killert AUS 520 Cape Nelson to Cape Killerton. Oro Bay. Porlock Harbour, Approaches to Buna, Port Harvey

AUS 574 Hosken Islands to Lae. Mort Harbour, Natter Bay AUS 570 Amphlett Group to Kiriwina. Muiao Bay. Bofi Point Anchorage BA 1477 Jomard Entrance. Yeina Island including Misima, Deboyne and Renard Islands

BA 2136 Plans in New Ireland. Passages between New Ireland and New Hanover, Cape St George to Sperber Point. Nabuto Bay, Kalili Harbour, Bakhatere Harbour, Kavieng Harbour, and Nusa Channel, Baongung Harbour, Ysabel Passage.

The author's yacht Alegrias ghosts along in a typical New Guinea calm. The country is ideal for power boats although the trade winds blow regularly over the southern areas with periods of reliability in the north.

Gazelle Peninsula

Although the maintaining of traditional dress and habit is actively encouraged in many parts of Papua New Guinea, all too often we find a rather unhappy combination of the old and the new.

Meeting an adult in traditional dress is a rare occurence nowadays but the charm of the anchorage throughout Papua New Guinea are still enhanced by the traditional village scene.


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