The following recipes are directed towards the best utilisation of local foods.

POISSON CRU (also known as 'poison the crew' if poorly prepared). Skin and bone fish (preferably mackerel) then cut into small pieces. Place in wooden or china bowl and cover with muli (lime) juice. Allow approximately two to three mulis per 500 gms of fish. Leave until the flesh turns white and tender then drain off surplus juice. Add two very thinly sliced onions, six halved baby tomatoes and coconut cream to cover the lot. If possible place in freezer before eating.

BAKED KAUKAU Slice kaukau very thinly then layer it into baking dish with grated fresh coconut sprinkled between each layer. Pour about one cup of ordinary milk (UHT treated milk is available country-wide) over the chips after first adding a tablespoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon to it. Bake for twenty minutes.

CURRIED FISH AND PAWPAW We first tasted this at a village where one of the elders invited us for an evening meal. I can absolutely recommend it.

Saute onion in butter until transparent then add curry powder plus cumin and coriander. Add slightly thinned coconut cream. Slice the fish and pawpaw and poach gently in the above mixture until cooked.

FISH IN COCONUT CREAM Brown generously mackerel steak or fillets in butter or oil then add coconut cream. Simmer until liquid is almost absorbed into fish. Turn when necessary.

KAUKAU CHIPS Slice thinly peeled kaukau and coat in curried batter then fry in oil until brown.

WEED SOUP Steam until just cooked any variety of Papua New Guinea greens adding plenty of eschallots. Place all in a blender until smooth. Serve cold with sour cream. Add herbs to your taste.

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