Sepik River Entrance

Bismarck Sea

IN CLOSING It was acknowledged at the beginning of the anchorage descriptions that there is no 'normal' path through Papua New Guinea. It is not like a coast along which the boatman can only travel one way or the other. Being an island nation, Papua New Guinea offers a tremendous variety of routes to follow and directions from which a boatman might approach the country as a whole.

But mostly, the boatman leaving New Guinea goes either south to Australia or west to the Philippines. Those travelling to Australia are advised to get as far east as possible to get the south easterly on your beam when crossing the Coral Sea to, presumably, Cairns during winter. Alternatively, plan your return for the calm period around Christmas or actually use the north westerlies during summer which could carry you down all the way to Cairns before the summer south easterlies of Queensland confront you.

Those heading off to the Philippines are also advised to get as far east as possible before launching off into the northern hemisphere and its prevalent north east trade winds which are best used during the months of January, February and March. After March there is the chance of colliding with a typhoon around the Philippines.

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