The wharf at Peter Haven, Garove Island with the Catholic Father inset. The whole island is dominated by the mission which is situated near the entrance to the crater harbour to the west of Peter Haven.

PETER HAVEN (Gorave Island — Vitu Group) In terms of absolute movement-free comfort, Peter Haven beats Balangori Bay easily. In term of scenic beauty it falls slightly short. However, it can be strongly recommended to the boatman as a totally protected, natural haven where swimming can be enjoyed outside the harbour or company can be sought at the plantation on the hill above. The jetty here can be used with permission from the plantation manager if vacant. Otherwise the anchor can be dropped in about 10 metres of water and a stern line taken ashore in the area of the jetty.

UNEA ISLAND (Papuan Bay) We sheltered here for five days against a gale force south easterly so I can vouch for the fact that the anchorage is extremely comfortable for such an unlikely looking place. Looking at a chart you would not believe that calm water would be possible here.

In fact the water is totally calm in the 'lagoon' formed by the fringing reef which extends offshore from Papuan Bay as shown in large scale on the accompanying map. Unfortunately, the area is too restricted for free anchoring giving the visitor no alternative other than to go alongside the one and only jetty. Because of occasional congestion here this means that two, three and often four vessels may have to raft together alongside the jetty.

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The German Catholic Mission on Unea Island is in Papuan Bay which is protected by a coral reef. The breaking line of this reef can be seen in the foreground with boats securely berthed within in the background.

The jetty lies at the end of a long embankment which has been started at both ends and as yet (in 1978) is not connected up, leaving the jetty stranded on an 'island'. Therefore a dinghy is necessary to get ashore to visit the German Catholic Mission ashore. There is a trade store here and the European Nuns (three Nuns, one Father) encourage handcrafts on a commercial scale. The visitor will find some wonderful coconut, grass, wood, and shell trinkets at very reasonable prices.

As a matter of interest, not far from the Catholic Mission on Unea Island is a Seventh Day Adventist centre which is completely localised.

Bali Harbour lies on the south coast of Unea Island and contains a large wharf for the loading of copra from the European owned and managed Bali Plantation. I did not visit this harbour but understand it to be tolerable in heavy weather.

CAPE GLOUCESTER is new Britain's north west extremity on which will be found the Kelenge German Catholic Mission, a number of large villages, and a very active volcano called Mount Munlulu which regularly showers everyone with dust and debris.

The anchorage amongst the fringing reef at Kelenge (shown in large scale on accompanying map) has good holding and is absolutely calm during strong south easterlies and also offers some protection during the summer north westerlies. The area is interesting although the incidence of tropical diseases seen here, such as elephantiasis and leprosy, is rather distressing. There is a trade store here with limited stocks. A market is held at Kelenge Village.

For those wanting greater privacy at the cost of less comfort aboard ship, the alternative anchorage shown on the general map of Cape Gloucester can be recommended. It is over black sand in about four metres to the immediate west of a fresh water creek which conspicuously flows over the beach and into the sea. A bridge will be seen behind it.

A short walk along the dirt road to the west will disclose two American amphibian tanks lying in the jungle and a dinghy ride out to Nip Island will reward the occupants with white coral beaches, clear water and an islet to oneself.

DAMPIER STRAIT is a thirteen mile wide channel separating New Britain from Umboi Island across which the boatman must inevitably pass if he is going to or from Cape Gloucester. In fair weather it is foul. In foul weather it is even fouler because the south east wind funnels through the passage, increasing speed as it does, then fans out to defy the sailor who might imagine he will have a quartering breeze going from Cape Gloucester to Umboi Island. He will have it eventually but initially he must fight a sou-sou-wester, then southerly, then sou-sou-easter then, when he has just about made it to Umboi, the true wind direction of south east will be felt. Like its neighbour to the west, Vitiaz Strait (described under Area C), Dampier Strait can be a shocking trip so the boatman is advised to batten down if the wind is topping 25 knots.

UMBOI ISLAND The only sensible anchorage to consider at Umboi for a passing visit is the one called Luther Anchorage on the north west tip of the island. It experiences slight disturbance during strong south east winds and is entirely unsuitable in north westerlies. The beaches surrounding the bay are white and the village on Rawlings Point is one of the prettiest to be seen anywhere being on a peninsular of sand.

The bottom is sand with coral patches making the Admiralty the best choice for security. The trading for fresh fruit and vegetables is excellent here.

See. lar-cje. Scale, of "Papuan Bay below .

See. lar-cje. Scale, of "Papuan Bay below .

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