Approaching Paipainina Point anchorage, Normanby Island.

Looking into Paipainina Point anchorage.

The final approach is through a narrow channel between the small islet across the entrance, which is presumed to be called Atuio Island, and Normanby Island itself. Atuio should be passed to port on which course a minimum depth of 30 metres will be found and a group of fishing huts will be seen to port. From the area of these huts the fringing reefs juts out but is easily seen and avoided.

ANCHORAGE can literally be taken anywhere within the bay although a snug corner will undoubtedly be chosen. Two such corners are suggested on the map.

LAITANA INLET Shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the Normanby Island map, Laitana Inlet is on the western side of Normanby towards the northern extreme and is formed by Ubula Island which hugs Cape Deedes. While the bay in Normanby Island in this area offers fair haven in its south west corner, the best anchorage is in the eastern end of Laitana Inlet where will be seen a jetty and plantation. The anchorage is excellent in all weather.

APPROACH from any direction should be made with caution owing to the reefs offshore and almost embracing the bay's mouth. Those extending south and south east from Ubula Island (also spelt Ubuia) are not, as the chart suggests, one continuous ribbon, rather they are a number of isolated reefs with navigable passages between. Probably the best passage is that shown by a line of soundings on the map which passes between Ubula Island's fringing reef and the first isolated reef offshore. From the south a vessel can be taken in close to Normanby so that the final approach is made inside the south east tending line of reefs.

Perry Bay, which lies between Sewa Bay and Laitana Inlet, can be navigated safely in conditions of fair visibility with a straight line between anchorages being free of danger.


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