Tagula Island looks like this from Hudumu Iwa Passage.

RABUSO CREEK is an indentation in the reef and land along the north coast of Tagula Island 13 miles south east of Snake Passage. I did not visit this anchorage but understand it to be comfortable and secure but of little interest beyond the fact that a village and school is situated there.

ROSSEL ISLAND AND LAGOON The most easterly of the islands forming the Louisiade Archipelago, Rossel Island is not an easy destination for a vessel working against strong trade winds and it is suggested that the trip across the Solomon Seas to Bougainville be embarked upon from Nimoa Island via the last described Hudumu Iwa Passage, instead of from Rossel.

Those approaching Rossel from the east and wanting to make an anchorage would be wise to go to Pwennegwa Harbour enclosed by reef on the eastern face of the island and shown in large scale with this description. Alternatively Jinjo Mission might be visited which is entered through Heron Opening. I should warn here that I did not visit Jinjo and beyond an assurance that it is regularly used by vessels of average size, I know of no navigational details to relate here. Pwennegwa, on the other hand, is well charted.

ANCHORAGES AND OPENINGS The two pages facing each other and showing Rossel Island and lagoon in their entirety show the reader that the lagoon and island provides many entrances and anchorages apart from Jinjo and Pwennegwa already mentioned.

The most commonly used entrances are Rossel at the western end of the lagoon and Swinger Opening immediately north of the westernmost tip of Rossel Island itself. Both are well charted and are easily negotiated with common sense and seamanship.

Anchorages abound in the bays around the north west face of the island where comfort and security will be enjoyed. Anchorages along the south of the island do exist but nothing is known of them by the author and they quite-obviously have their approach endangered by the onslaught of the south east trade wind.

SOLOMON SEA Those boatmen who have travelled down the Louisiade Archipelago from Samarai to Tagula or Rossel Island, as described so far, will in all probability depart for either Rabaul in New Britain, 420 miles to the west of north, or to Kieta on Bougainville Island 330 miles to the east of north. Either way, a crossing of the Solomon Sea is necessary. The following brief description is therefore included.

Solomon Sea

"Rabuso Creek was r\ot" visfted tjLj "tUe autl">of .De^a>Is | taK er> from old Admircltu CUort. A village and fecKool are. i>ii"uotfcd Kere-. Ill I I




Solomon Sea

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