Rms Queen Mary Rigging Block

Queen Mary Hull Cross Section

B4 7 Cutaway perspective view with stern cants and interior bulkheads in place B5 MIDSHIPS HULL STRUCTURE B5 1 B5 2 Section where main deck is B5 2 strength deck (perspective view, no scale) B6 FRAMING IN WAY OF DOUBLE SKIN (no scale) C1 FORWARD AND AFTER MAIN ENGINE ROOMS (1 300 scale) Forward main engine room After main engine room Low pressure turbine High pressure turbine Condenser Low pressure feed heater High pressure feed heater Main circulating pumps Main circulating pump controller...

Rms Queen Mary Blueprints

Queen Mary Profile Plans

20mm Oerlikon position 3in HA gun Extra lifeboats Carley floats Life floats dispersed about upper decks Type 273 radar office and aerial Degaussing coil 6in gun 40mm Bofors twin Mk1 Mk 51 director Rocket launcher Armour plating B1 LINE AND BODY PLAN B1 1 Lines (1 400 scale) B1 LINE AND BODY PLAN B1 1 Lines (1 400 scale) 1a. 10ft aft of 0 (after perpendicular) B2 FLAT KEEL PLATE AND CENTRE GIRDER (all drawings 1 200 scale except as noted) B2 3 Middle section side elevation

Table Particulars Of Ships Boats

Titanic And Queen Mary Side Side

Type motor lifeboat motor lifeboat motor lifeboat with wireless rigged as accident boat Beam 12ft Sin 12ft 5in 9ft 3in Depth 5ft 5ft 3ft 10V4in Speed 6 knots 6 knots 6 knots 2-cylinder diesel 2-cylinder diesel 2-cylinder diesel Weight 18 tons full load not known not known Life saving capacity 145 136 47 The third class smoking room was another semi-circular apartment with an all-round sea view forward, positioned on A deck. It contained five roomy recesses with built-in settees, augmented with...

General arrangement

Queen Miri General Arrangement

Air conditioning units Stewards' sen Ice room Telephone exchange battery room 40. Cabin bedroom sen ice pantry 42. Third class children's playroom H Rewinding room Scroll room Cinema operating box Third class cinema Third class lounge Mail handling space Mail chute Engineers' lift Skylight Tourist lift Vent to boiler room 6. Leading stewards' acommodation 13. Stores and baggage entrance 16. Tourist bedroom service pantry 25. Chief tourist steward's cabin Larder for salads and hors d'oeuvres 79....