The best dinghy is one that can be safely stowed away at sea, is accessible in an emergency, is capable of rowing out to set an anchor and is light enough to help keep the payload down.

There is plenty of deck storage area on a multihull although there are some traps.

Multihull Seamanship Rule:

Do not store a dinghy on trampoline netting when at sea.

This is especially true of forward trampoline netting. A decent wave, either over the top or from under the netting may take both trampoline and dinghy with it. The force behind a dinghy full of water travelling at speed is very high. Few trampolines will survive.

Towing a dinghy needs care. There is a wind tunnel effect on catamarans that flip lighter model dinghies. The wave pattern of both trimarans and catamarans also has an effect on the way a towed dinghy will ride. The dinghy painter needs to be long enough to adjust the tow length to place the dinghy in the best position in the wave pattern. Better still pull the dinghy aboard.

There is no ideal multihull dinghy. Weight is a consideration and the lighter the better. Conversely the dinghy should be stout enough to carry your heaviest anchor so that you can lay the anchor if grounded. This will enable winching your multihull free.

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