Mizzen Topsail Sheet Sc Clueline 56 Mizzen Topgallant Sheet & Clueline, Mizzen Royal

Sheet ' 57

Jibboom Sc Flying Jibboom Guys 58 Spritsail Sling, Spritsail Yard Sc Spritsail Topsail Yard

Halliards 59

Royal Stay 60

Fore Topgallant Stay Sc Bumpkin Shrouds 61

Jib Outhaul 62

Flying Jib Outhaul 63

Spritsail Lift, Spritsail Topsail Clueline Sc Sheet 64

Spritsail Clueline Sc Sheet Spritsail Topsail Lift 65

Fore Topsail Reef Tackle 66

Main Topsail Reef Tackle 67

Mizzen Topsail Reef Tackle 68

Spritsail Buntlines 69

Fore Course Buntlines Sc Leechlines 70

Fore Topsail Buntlines 71

Main Course Buntlines Sc Leechlines 72

Main Topsail Buntlines 73

Mizzen Topsail Buntlines 74

Fore Course Sc Topsail Bowlines , 75

Fore Topgallant Bowlines 76

Main Course Sc Topsail Bowlines 77

Main Topgallant Bowlines 78

Mizzen Topsail Sc Topgallant Bowlines 79

Mizzen Mast Square Sails 80

Spanker 81

Mainmast Square Sails 82

Fore Mast Square Sails 83

Yard Tackle Sc Tricing Lines 84

Yards 85 Main Yard with Stunsail Boom Sc Stunsail Boom Irons 86

Fore Staysail 87

Main Staysail 88

Mizzen Staysail 89

Fore Topmast Staysail Stay 90

Fore Topmast Staysail 91

Fore Topmast Staysail 92

Main Topmast Staysail 93

Mizzen Topmast Staysail 94

Main Topgallant Staysail 95

Flying Jib 97

Belaying plans 98

Cross-section 102

External Hull 104

Square Sails 106

All Fore and Aft Sails 107

Studding Sails 108

Quarter Deck 111

The Bow 112

The Stern 113

Waist & Forecastle 114

Index 116

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