Main Topmast Stay Tackle

Preventer Stay^Topgallant

Main royal stay

Main topgallant stay

Maipi topmast stay


Main topmast preventer stay

Main royal stay

Main topmast stay to deck

Main topgallant stay to deck

Main topmast preventer stay t=3

Main topmast preventer stay Main topmast stay

Fore mast

Fore bitts

Fore Topmast

&c Preventer Stay

Eyebolt in the bows, close to the bowsprit on both sides

Lanyard frapped round itself 10 times

Lanyard frapped round itself 10 times

Fore topmast preventer stay

. Fore topmast stay

1er opgallant

Sheave in mast

Hooked or lashed to deadeye opgallant

Sheave in mast

Fore royal stay Flying jibstay

Fore topgallant stay Jibstay

Hooked or lashed to deadeye

Geometrie Des Zufalls

Cross Tack Truss Pendan

Long tackle block

Long tackle block

Cross Jack

Cross Jack Lift

Spanker Boom Sheet & Guy Pendants

Main Top Mast

Guy pendant

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