Anatomy of a Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft, or PWC, are small jet-driven powerboats. The pumps draw water into the housing, through something called the impeller, which compresses the water and forces it through the steerable nozzle, pushing the boat forward— see picture on page 77. (Personal watercraft are often called "Jet Skis," which is a trademark of Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA.) Personal watercraft come in three main styles: stand-up, sit-down sport class (one or two people), and sit-down for three to four people. The stand-up style carries only one person, who stands while operating Blowing up a the vessel, while the sit-down style has seats for one to four people. bciHoon cmd btting it go. The air rushing out propels the balloon. A jet pump operates in the same fashion. Water, rushing through the pump, propels the personal watercraft forward.


Jet pump action is similar to letting go of an untied balloon. Imagine

The main components of a personal watercraft are the:

✓ Deck—flat surfaces such as the seat, foot wells, and compartment covers.

✓ Throttle—mounted on the handlebars, regulates how much fuel goes to the engine and controls the speed.

✓ Other controls—include the on/ off switch and the cutoff or "kill" switch with an attached lanyard.

✓ Steering nozzle—located at the rear of the pump and controlled by the handlebars.

Safety Mechanisms

Most personal watercraft are equipped with cut-off switches that must be attached to the operator by a lanyard. If the rider falls off, the cutoff switch engages and shuts off the engine. The personal watercraft engine will stop, and the watercraft will glide to a stop nearby.

Other personal watercraft have an automatic idle and self-circling device. If the rider falls off, this will make the personal watercraft circle slowly in the area until the rider can reboard.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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