Emergency Anchoring

Use of an anchor can help in emergency situations.

^ If the boat engine fails, set the anchor immediately to avoid running aground.

^ If drifting into shallow waters or other boats, set the anchor.

^ If bad weather, rough waters or currents are blowing you ashore, set the anchor.

When it's Time to Leave the Area


Careful boaters always have an extra line, chain and anchor along, just in case!


www.dbw.ca.gov/ resourc.htm and click on Anchoring/ Docking

^ Head the boat toward the anchor.

^ Go ahead slowly using the engine while you retrieve the line.

^ When the boat is over the anchor, stop the boat—but not the engine—and lift the anchor.

^ Carefully stow the anchor and line so it will be ready for the next use.

^ NEVER pull up the anchor without starting the engine first.

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