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Environmental stressors can cause many types of accidents by impairing your judgment and reducing your awareness. Environmental injuries, such as hypothermia, can result from an accident or carelessness.


Check local weather sources such as the radio, TV, newspaper, or the Internet before getting under way.

It's a good idea that at least one person on board have a current first aid/CPR certification.

Constantly monitor the winds and horizon for changes in the weather.

Be able to recognize and treat cold- and heat-related illnesses.

Be ready for all types of weather and water conditions, by having the necessary clothing and safety equipment on board.

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Always carry extra clothing, food and water.

Limit your exposure to stressors.

Be sure your skills and vessel are suitable for the conditions.

O Call for outside help if necessary.

O Be sure there is no danger to yourself and others at the scene.

O Be sure the victim does not face other dangers.

O If possible, remove the victim from whatever caused the emergency.

O Treat the victim using your First-Aid knowledge and available resources.


Case Study: The operator of a small fishing vessel and a passenger were fishing on the ocean. The water was calm in the morning when they left the dock, but the operator was unaware of an incoming storm. In the afternoon, the seas became dangerous, swamping the vessel and causing it to sink. The victims were in the water for 30 minutes and had body temperatures of 82 degrees when they were rescued. The victims were wearing life jackets but not special clothing for cold water.


1. Identify the mistakes that the people made and the proper actions.

2. What could these people have done differently to prevent this accident?

3. What steps could you take to rescue the victims and/or make the situation better?

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