4. When docking a boat:

a. Fenders should be attached to the mooring lines.

b. If possible, land into the wind and current so the boat can ease into the dock.

c. Keep one foot in the boat and one on the dock to steady the boat.

d. Tie the lines as tightly as possible so the boat does not drift into another boat or person.

Always use extreme caution when fueling a boat. Gasoline vapors are more explosive than dynamite and they're heavier than air. The vapors may sink to the bottom of the boat or collect in the bilge. These vapors may explode when exposed to a spark or open flame.

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Safe Fueling Tips

Always remove portable tanks

^ Close all ports, hatches, and open-

from the boat for refueling.

ings before fueling. This prevents

Shut off motors that can make a spark or generate heat.

vapors from seeping into the boat and settling in the bilge.

Turn off electrical equipment and liquid propane tanks.

^ Try to fuel before night. If you need a light to refuel, use a flashlight or a spark-proof light.

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