Hyperthermia is also called heat exhaustion. This happens when temperatures are high and your body can no longer cool itself.

^ Early symptoms of hyperthermia (heat exhaustion) include weakness, pale skin, headache, and heavy sweating. If the victim is not treated, his or her skin will become hot and bright red. The victim stops sweating and then loses consciousness or suffers from heat stroke. Heat stroke victims will often talk nonsense or see imaginary things.

^ Avoid hyperthermia by avoiding long, direct exposure to heat and sun. When possible, spend time in a cooler location and be sure to drink a lot of water to keep your fluid levels up. Avoid liquids that make you urinate frequently, such as caffeinated sodas, coffee, tea or alcohol—these drinks will lower your fluid levels.

^ You can reverse hyperthermia several ways... by getting the victim out of the sun into a cool place. providing fluids (but not alcohol or caffeine). having the victim shower, bathe or sponge off with cool water. and urging the victim to lie down and rest in a cool place.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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