Hypothermia happens in very low temperatures when your body loses more heat than it can produce

^ Early symptoms of hypothermia include feeling cold, shivering, losing your sense of balance, and feeling tired or ill. In severe cases the victim may fight, quarrel, or appear to be drunk. If the victim is not treated, he or she will shiver violently, have a high heart rate, and will stop thinking clearly. In advanced stages of hypothermia, victims will stop shivering, lose consciousness, have blue skin, and be unable to walk or speak. As this condition gets worse, a victim's breathing and heart can stop, and the victim may die.

^ Avoid hypothermia by preventing heat loss. The best way to do this is to be properly equipped and clothed. This may include wearing immersion suits, wetsuits, warm synthetic clothing (not cotton), or waterproof clothing.

^ Your body temperature can drop quickly if you are in the water. Get as far out of the water as possible by climbing onto any floating object, such as the boat's hull. This will help prevent heat loss from your body.

^ If you can't get out of the water, keep your head out of the water. Curl into a ball or huddle with other people and limit movement of your arms and legs to further prevent heat loss. These are known as HELP, or Heat Escape Lessening Positions.

^ You can easily reverse hypothermia in the early stages by exercising vigorously to generate body heat, and by limiting your exposure to cold.

^ Get medical help except in mild cases, because you can end up with other problems if you don't warm up properly.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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