Post Rescue Collapse

^ After rescue, someone who has been immersed in cold water is still in danger from "post-rescue collapse." As blood pressure drops, inhaled water can damage the lungs. Cardiac arrest or arrhythmia can develop as cold blood is released from arms and legs into the body core.


Where do you usually go boating, or where would you like to go? Check out the water temperatures listed below and then refer to the hypothermia chart. If you fell overboard and lost your boat, how long could you expect to survive?


Life jackets can keep you warm and help save your energy. If you are not wearing your life jacket, your expected survival time is a lot less.

^ It is vital to treat the victim gently and get immediate medical care.

The best way to avoid the effects of cold water immersion and hypothermia is to wear a life jacket at all times when boating. This can keep your head above water if you capsize or fall overboard, giving you precious minutes to get back on the vessel. If you cannot rescue yourself, a life jacket can give you some hypothermia protection and extend the time you can survive until someone rescues you.

This chart shows how long someone may survive at various water temperatures.

Expected Survival Time in

Cold Water

If the water temperature is... degrees (F)

Exhaustion or unconsciousness in...

Expected survival time is...

32.5 degrees

Under 15 minutes

Under 15 to 45 minutes

32.5 to 40 degrees

15 to 30 minutes

30 to 90 minutes

40 to 50 degrees

30 to 60 minutes

1 to 3 hours

50 to 60 degrees

1 to 2 hours

1 to 6 hours

60 to 70 degrees

2 to 7 hours

2 to 40 hours

70 to 80 degrees

3 to 12 hours

3 hours to indefinitely

over 80 degrees




and click on Hypothermia.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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