Review Questions Trailering and Launching a Boat

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Answer these questions by circling T for true or F for false.

1. It is necessary to unplug the brake lights from the trailer before you launch your boat T F

2. You should always remove the winch cable from the boat before you back down the ramp T F

3. Check the boat for safety equipment and fuel level while it is on the ramp T F

4. If your boat is registered, you do not need to license the trailer T F

5. When trailering a boat, it takes longer to stop and to pass another car T F

Turn to page 88 for correct answers.

How many passengers?

The person-capacity of a boat can be calculated by multiplying the boat length by the boat width, and dividing the answer by 15.

Capacity = Length x Width 15

The length of a motor-boat is measured from end-to-end along the centerline on the outside of the hull. The measurement does not include outboard motors, brackets, or other attachments, such as a swimmer's ladder. Boat length and width are measured in feet and fractional answers are rounded DOWN to the next number of persons.


If a boat is 16 ft. long and 6 ft. wide, how many passengers can it carry?

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

Lets start by identifying what exactly certain boats are. Sometimes the terminology can get lost on beginners, so well look at some of the most common boats and what theyre called. These boats are exactly what the name implies. They are meant to be used for fishing. Most fishing boats are powered by outboard motors, and many also have a trolling motor mounted on the bow. Bass boats can be made of aluminium or fibreglass.

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