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Chapter 1: Personal Safety

Personal Safety 3-8

Safety Equipment 9-13

Homeland Security 13-14

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning 15-16

Chapter 2: Boating Law, Navigational Rules and Navigational Aids

Boating Law 17

Officer Authority 18

Age of Operator 19

Required Safety Equipment 20-25

Alcohol and Operating a Boat 26

Boat Ownership and Registration 27-28

Environmental Laws 29-32

Navigational Rules 32-35

Navigational Aids 37-42

Chapter 3: Vessel Operation

The Anatomy of a Boat 43

Trailering and Storage 44-49

General Rules: Operating a Boat, Docking 50-54

Fueling 54-55

Anchoring 56-58

Know Your Knots 58

Maintaining Your Boat and Engine 59

Powerboating 60-64

Water Skiing 65-66

Diving 67

Sailing 68-69

Paddling 70-74

Chapter 4: Personal Watercraft (PWC)

Anatomy of a Personal Watercraft 75-76

Safety Equipment & Personal Safety 77

Legal Requirements 78

Operating a Personal Watercraft 79-82

Navigational Rules and Aids 83-84

Accident Prevention and Rescue 85-87

Answers to Review Questions 88

Chapter 5: Accident Prevention and Rescue

Accident Prevention and Rescue 89-90

Environmental Hazards 91-92

Basic Rescue Tips for Water Activities 92-93

Capsizing or Sinking 94-98

Passenger Overboard 98-99

Collisions 100

Fires .


Grounding 103

Rescuing Water Skiers 104-105


Appendix A (Float Plan) 106

Appendix B (CA Boating Accident Report) 107-108

Appendix C (Whitewater Class System) 109

Glossary 110-115

Final Exam 116-120

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