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Boat operators should show all passengers where safety equipment is stored. Make sure your passengers know what to do in case of an emergency. Show them if they don't know.

Fire extinguishers are classified by letters and Roman numeral symbols. The letter indicates the type of fire the device is made to extinguish and the Roman numeral indicates the size of the extinguisher:

♦ Type A for combustible solids, such as wood and paper

♦ Type B for flammable liquids such as gasoline and oil

♦ Type C for electrical fires

♦ Type D for combustible metals, such as magnesium (Generally not for use on boats.)

Type B is commonly used on boats and can extinguish gasoline, oil and grease fires. Type C contains dry chemicals that are made for electrical fires, because they reduce the chance that you will be shocked while putting out a fire.

The Roman numerals after the letters, I and II, indicate the size of the extinguisher. A Class B-II extinguisher has four to five times more extinguishing material than a Class B-I extinguisher.

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