Type V specialuse device

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Required to be worn for special uses or conditions.

Made for specific activities. Varieties include sailboarding and rafting vests, deck suits, work vests, hybrid PFDs, and others.

See label for limited use.

Type II
Type III
Type IV
Type V
Type V, Inflatables
Type V, Hybrid

♦ Type V, Inflatable and Hybrid Devices (combine inherently buoyant material with an inflatable bladder)




Required to be worn to meet legal requirements and must be used only for approved activities.

Comfortable. Least bulky of all types. High flotation when inflated. Good for continuous wear. Equal to either Type I, II, or III performance, as noted on the label. Choice between manual (pull) and oral inflation systems. Turns most unconscious wearers face-up in the water after inflation.

May not adequately float some wearers unless partially inflated. Requires correct use and regular checks and maintenance of the inflation system. Only some brands are U.S. Coast Guard-approved. Not recommended for non-swimmers and not intended for use while water skiing or on personal watercraft.

Proper use of inflatable life jackets, including appropriate age limits, vary by manufacturer. Please review the owner's manual and information pamphlet carefully before purchasing an inflatable PFD. Hybrid life jackets are available in adult and child sizes.


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