Biradial Mainsail

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Biradial Technology

A bi-radial main with load-bearing gores radiating out of the head and clew only - bi-radial meaning that there are only two sets of panels

Figure 4.11

radiating out from the corners.

Sails have become far more sophisticated than a simple tri-radial configuration. Here the panels change direction along the load lines in the sail.

downwind leg, as soon as the racing sailor reaches the windward mark and bears away, the loads on the sail immediately decrease so that even though the loads may be redistributed, there will still not be any need for tack gores.

If, on the other hand, the sail is being designed for a passagemaker, the sail-maker will want to deal with a significant load on the tack since the sail will be used for reaching and running in all kinds of conditions. Therefore strong tack gores are necessary and the sail will be tri-radial in construction. In the beginning of this book it was made clear that your sailmaker needs as much information about your sailing plans as you can give. This is a perfect example of how different sailing styles can result in a need for different sails.

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