Check Seams

Seams are the most vulnerable areas of sails and a thorough check of each one may save you a costly blow-out down the road. If your sailmaker used colored thread it will make your job a lot easier. If not, examine each seam for loose or broken stitches, and mark each place with a piece of colored sticky Dacron. Hold the sail up to the light and determine whether you can see daylight through the stitch holes. If you can, it's a sign of impending trouble, since it means the seams have been overloaded and are vulnerable to blowing apart. Pay particular attention to the areas around the corner reinforcement patches. If the last row of stitches show sunlight through the stitch holes, it may mean that the corner patches are not large enough or strong enough for the sail, or that you have overloaded the sail on more than one occasion. Have your sailmaker either re-sew the seam or possibly extend the reinforcement patch.

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