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inboard end. If the roll size is uniform, the sail can roll up evenly and not "travel" forward or aft as you reef. If you have ever tried to roll up a carpet, you will know what I mean. The top ply added to the leech can also be a UV-resistant fabric to protect the sail once it is furled away in the boom. It works the same way as the UV cover on your rollerfurling headsail.

Luff Tape

Another important part of the sail is the luff tape, or bolt rope. In fact, the boom maker will usually supply a bolt rope that it has had manufactured to its own specifications, and your sailmaker should definitely use this tape rather than attempt to create one of his own, since the boom makers have experimented with numerous types of luff tape and will provide the sailmaker with one they are comfortable can handle the extra loads. For example, there can be a lot of point-loading, especially where the bolt rope feeds into the mainsail track, so a conventional bolt rope will not suffice.

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