Performance Cruisers

Like that of grand prix sailors, this category can be divided into two camps: those who sail coastal and those who head for blue water. Again, because of the conditions found offshore, the sails will have to be more durable and rely more heavily on woven laminates and taffetas where applicable. Cruisers who choose to remain close to land might consider the performance advantage of an inserted scrim, but nothing quite beats the strength and durability of a heavy, woven fabric for offshore passagemaking. Depending on the size of the boat, performance cruisers might choose polyester or Pentex at the lower end of the range, and Spectra or Vectran for larger boats where the added strength and stretch resistance of a highperformance fiber is needed. The lay-up of these fabrics will depend on the size of the boat, and you will likely see woven/film/scrim/film/woven type construction or occasionally woven/scrim/woven.

These yachts approaching the windward mark are a good example of weekend warriors.

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