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"Maximum Sail Power is the best book on sails and sail trim to come along in a generation. Brian Hancock knows his subject and has the sailmaking experience and sea miles to know what really works and what does not out there on the open sea. If you are in the market for sails or want to become a better sailor, Maximum Sail Power will steer you straight and true."

-George Day, Publisher & Editor, Blue Water Sailing

"Brian Hancock is the rarest of seagoing creatures, a consummate sailor with countless miles in all conditions under his keel, and a gifted writer who can both spin a yarn and transpose complex technical material into clear, understandable prose. His Maximum Sail Power, a definitive treatise on the art and science of harnessing the breeze, joins a select handful of classic sailing books that deserve a space on the shelf of any well-found sailing vessel."

-Herb McCormick, author, New York Times writer, editor of Cruising World Magazine

"Brian's book covers it all including how to trim and handle sails, and more importantly how to understand the subtleties of the wind and how it relates to sails."

-Bernard Stamm, winner 2002/03 Around Alone (Class 1)

"While Brian was writing this book he was also working closely with our team on Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America to develop the sail program and make a suit of sails that would not only win the race for us, but make it around the world in one piece. It's clear that he knows his stuff. The sails performed perfectly . . . All that knowledge and experience is contained in this book and I urge you to read it."

-Brad Van Liew, winner 2002/03 Around Alone (Class 2)

"Brian was . . . a key team member in the sail development for the mega-cat Team Adventure and through his bountiful knowledge and global experience we were able to circumnavigate the world without any sail problems. It's clear that he knows his stuff, not only for big catamarans, but for more conventional race boats and cruising boats, as well."

-Cam Lewis, Olympic medallist, skipper of Team Adventure

"Brian Hancock does a beautiful job blending the art and science of sail technology. Maximum Sail Power makes the process of using sails and understanding their theory easy."

-Gary Jobson, America's Cup winner, ESPN commentator

"The mystery of how to obtain the best performance from your sails has been exposed. This book will be of inestimable value to the learner and experienced sailor alike."

-Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, first sailor to solo circumnavigate the globe non-stop

"Brian's book covers what you need to know . . . He has written a concise book in language we can all understand-you can tell Brian has a passion for the sport and masses of experience to share in both sailing and sailmaking."

-Ellen MacArthur OBE, 2nd place 2000-01 Vendée Globe, UK Yachtsman of the Year

"Brian's involvement with the sails on all my sailing projects from the early Whitbread races to my latest expedition sailing vessel Pelagic Australis has been integral to the success of each project. This is a storehouse of information that will be useful to the novice boat owner or the experienced cruiser/racer alike . . ."

-Skip Novak, four-time Whitbread veteran, co-skipper of Innovation Explorer in The Race

"Maximum Sail Power is a well-written book by a well-known sailor. It is a comprehensive guide to how sails are made and work for all levels of sailors. This book is a must-read for all sailors."

-Tom Whidden, President, North Sails

ISBN 0-9722026-0-9

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