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A few boats are virtually identical to one another except for their names, usually bestowed on identical hulls at different times by different builders or marketers. For example, the Aquarius 23, the Aquarius 7.0, and the Balboa 23 are all different names for virtually the same design, built by successive builders. The same is true of the Gloucester 16 and the Newport 16, the North Star 22 and the Hughes 22, the Starwind 19 and Spindrift 19, and others. Also, sometimes a boat is named for her designer (e.g., the Alberg 22), sometimes for her builder (Pearson 22), and sometimes for some other entity that appeals to the marketer (Sea Sprite 22). Sometimes this free-form naming game can make it difficult to determine exactly which boat is which. To help sort out any confusion, the list at the start of each chapter and the index at the back of this book include all known names for each included boat.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

Lets start by identifying what exactly certain boats are. Sometimes the terminology can get lost on beginners, so well look at some of the most common boats and what theyre called. These boats are exactly what the name implies. They are meant to be used for fishing. Most fishing boats are powered by outboard motors, and many also have a trolling motor mounted on the bow. Bass boats can be made of aluminium or fibreglass.

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