Bridge Clearance

Bridge clearance is the distance from the top of the masthead (or "truck") to the waterline (or from the peak of the gaff in a gaff-rigged boat). It is given with standard rig, and with alternative rigs if known. The number should be taken as approximate, since in some cases we have scaled it from drawings when it is not reported by the builder in

Table One: Two Relative Measures of Draft

Relative Draft Very Shallow Shallow Moderate Deep Very Deep

For cruising Under 2.5' 2.5' to 3.49' 3.5' to 4.49' 4.5' to 5.5' Over 5.5'

For easy trailering Under 0.75' 0.75' to 1.17' 1.18' to 1.99' 2.0' to 3.0' Over 3.0'

sales brochures or other readily accessible form—and even builders get it wrong sometimes. Moreover, "mast length," when quoted in sales brochures, sometimes refers to the length of the mast from its truck to its heel (or base), rather than truck to waterline, especially when the mast is stepped on deck. Consequently, "mast length" should be checked in each instance to determine whether it is the length from deck to truck, step to truck (when stepped below), or waterline to truck, since "mast length" cannot be relied on to be synonymous with "bridge clearance."

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