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A member of the Bellarner Group of Companies is designed for boats in the 20-to 30-foot range, and at the upper end is their Unit 4, which has a 14-inch diameter spool, for the 85- to 125-footer. The Code Zero furler has a spring-loaded button that allows you to quickly disconnect it, and it has arms that open to allow easy threading of the furling line.

The line driver on this unit is machined with eight "facets," which provide the line grip. And, because luff tension is critical with luff-furling sails, a 2-to-1 adapter is available. According to Harken, the adapter is best rigged at the head to prevent halyard twisting, and to allow the tack to be as close as possible to the deck.

Equiplite, which is perhaps better known for its widely used soft loop shackles, introduced its own Code Zero furler three years ago. Equiplite makes stock sizes ranging from sizes from 1.5-to 16-ton safe working load. The furlers can be used on any sail from Code Zero

PRECOURT FURLERS ARE gaining use among the 30 to 40-foot trimaran racing set, and new units are in the works.

to staysails or spinnakers, especially asymmetric.

Using the same loop shackle technology for attaching the furler, says Equiplite's Don Churchod, makes them, "70-percent lighter than traditional furlers." The furling line is secured to the aluminum and composite spool with a Velcro-secured loop over the composite framework. The loop doesn't contact the furling line, which exits the spool cage through two small sheaves, which are integral to the frame. As a testament to the durability of these units, both ABN AMRO boats in the Volvo have used them throughout the race.,

New to the continuous-line furler scene is Precourt, a Canadian operation, which has been working a series of prototypes installed on Farrier trimarans. Their 4T furler (four tons, named for the unit's breaking strength; safe working load is half that) went into production in mid-June, but at press time there were no firm distribution contracts for the U.S. market. Erik Precourt, the company's eponymous owner, said his company is, "working to make the furler very lightweight, all of titanium and carbon fiber." In addition to the 4T model, Precourt said he is prototype testing and developing a 2.5- and a 1-ton furler.

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