Jacques Couslcau —ti) \siclcretl M\c or Cortés the world's largest aquarium.

ÍComc view it from within.

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The Sea of Cortes is nor only winter home to the grev whales, it has more marlin than any area of the world as well as thousands of other colorful creatures thai arc not to be observed from alar. So, to get an up close view, and to cxpcricncc the adventure of this unique environment, just dock your vessel at any one of the four superb marinas in La Paz and, at your leisure, wander the streets and byways ol this picturesque town, cruise to the fishing grounds, or explore a quiet island, cove or inlet. Then as Mr Consteau preferred, jump right into the aquarium. You'll never feel so alive. For more information visit:

marinacostabaia.com; marinadclap3z.com; marinapalniira.com; clubcantaniar.com

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